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[m0d] Vacation [17 Aug 2009|08:44pm]

I'm going to be away for a week. I shall return on Tuesday, so Usagi will be in charge until my return. Please, please update all of your muses and pass the word on that we're still alive and kicking.

~ Miko S.
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[m0d] Community Update [08 Jun 2009|01:35pm]

[ mood | productive ]


Sorry the community is a little silent lately, but I'm hoping to fix that. I have changed a few rules on the profile page, so please read it carefully. I'd also like to have a co-mod to watch over the community in case I can't fulfill my duties and such. So, if you're interested, please comment to this entry. Lastly, I'm going to do some cuts, so direct yourselves to the quick add/remove page to update your list. Or simply remove them from this list:

Aoi [lustfulrevengex]
Bou [o_cherry_o]
Byou [ragingblood]
Die [increasefinal]
Hide-Zou [rebelliousglow]
Hizumi [strangledxagony]
Kaoru [witheringmarrow]
Karyu [sinful_venom]
Mally [trace_beats]
Maya [mayas_no_diva]
Ryuutarou [consumedxdeath]
Shinya [xmacabrelustx]
Takeru [take_me_chan]
Toshiya [vk_sin]
Tsukasa [garnet_carnival]
Yomi [xcriminalbabyx]

~ Miko S.

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This is a claim [22 Mar 2009|09:55am]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Call me Kaki
JRocker & Band: Maya from LM.C
AIM/MSN: My lost highway
Summary of your character: Maya is your average everyday 29 year old with taste for lollipops. And not just those things on a stick. He's hyper-active, easy to please, easy-going, very open, loves to experiment and believes in doing, not sitting back and watching. He can be extremely random.

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Claim! *rings a bell* [19 Mar 2009|11:49pm]



Momo / Usagi

JRocker & Band:

Bou & EX An Cafe


Discotheque Majik / like_xax_majik @ live . com

Summary of your character:

Cute, hyper and incredibly talented, Bou is the ex-guitarist for the band An Cafe. He left the band to pursue his education and little has been heard from him since his departure from the band.

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DISTRESS AND COMA [06 Mar 2009|01:21pm]


Are you ready for us?
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[m0d] Muse Cut [05 Mar 2009|01:25pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Please remove nekoboy_love from your friends list. Thank you.

~ Miko S.

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Claim [05 Mar 2009|12:20am]

Name: Chris
JRocker & Band: Byou & Screw
AIM/MSN: gatherbloodroses
Summary of your character: Byou seems like a very sexual person as well as an angry one. He's a vocalist who has often been compared with the likes of Kiyoharu, Ruki and Kyo. Byou is determined to show the world that he's his own man both musically and personally. He knows what he wants and he's determined to get it. He enjoys the time he spends with his band and friends. Byou's looking to expand his circle of friends and enemies as well as catch up with some current and soon to be former PSC labelmates.
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Claim Hizumi [26 Feb 2009|11:46am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

Name: Hana
JRocker & Band: Hizumi & D'espairsRay
AIM/MSN: lie buried
Summary of your character: Hizumi is a temeprmental man, yet he seems very in control of himself. He hates people who fake their emotions, and he hates liars. He'll shoot a liar before he shoots a murderer. He loves his band and band mates with all of his heart and he'd never do anything to jeapordize what they have. His work comes before anything else, then his friends, and then his family. Hizumi likes to go out to clubs and hide in the crowds on the dance floor.

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Miiiiiizuuuuukiiiiii~ [21 Feb 2009|09:25pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Looking for a good time? Well, Mii-chan has finally arrived to cure all boredom. He has many tricks under his sleeve, so there is no worries of disappointment. Hit me up for a good time!

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Claim [20 Feb 2009|03:25pm]

Name: Chris
JRocker & Band: Hide-Zou & D
AIM/MSN: rebellious glow
Summary of your character: Hide-Zou appears serious in photoshoots and onstage. He's really a silly guy often breaking out into dance and laughter during comments. He likes to have fun with his friends as well as playing guitar. Hide-Zou also loves cars. He's looking forward to stirring up some trouble and having a good time.
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Claim Aoi [20 Feb 2009|12:50am]

[ mood | amused ]

Name: Jake/Rockhopper (SUCK IT BITCHES)
JRocker & Band: Aoi & the GazettE (DUH)
AIM/MSN: oBluePassiono
Summary of your character: Aoi's kind of a slut, a sweet slut. But a slut none the less. If someone can capture his affections he'll be their slut. He's kind and gentle, sweet and generous. He likes stripteases, giving them. He likes playing the guitar and piano. Aoi finds B Horror movies funny and he thinks people suck ass and need to die. He'd been with Uruha for a long time before he found the other had been cheating on him with none other than Reita. Even going so far as getting married to Reita behind Aoi's back. How will Aoi handle it all?

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Claim [11 Feb 2009|01:37am]

Name: Eden
JRocker & Band: Reita, the GazettE
AIM/MSN: desiredgothdream (aim), engravedsorrow@hotmail.com (msn)
Summary of your character: Reita has had a bit of a crisis within himself. He was a dork who spent nearly all of his time playing bass or video games while neglecting the husband that he'd fought hard to win. He's tired of pretending to be the tough guy and ready to embrace what he is at home with the man he loves. The only problem for Reita is whether things will truly be the same with Uruha after everything that has happened between them?
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Ah... [27 Jan 2009|10:28pm]

I have a new journal and a new number to celebrate the new year. It's still all me though.

aijisama -> infnty_on_high

Drum maijor -> darkened requiem
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Claim Shinya Terachi [24 Jan 2009|12:11am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Name: Jake
JRocker & Band: Shinya & Dir en grey
AIM/MSN: lost femininity
Summary of your character: Shinya's always been the quiet, shy one. The one who always tends to stick in the back and speak softly. Though he's told the world many times he is the most masculine of the group, he looks like the most feminine. He gets teased relentlessly by his bandmates, especially Die and Toshiya. But mostly Die. He's been with the group since the beginning and he has yet to change his shy little demeanor.

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Claim Toshiya [23 Jan 2009|09:45pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Name: Jake
JRocker & Band: Toshiya & Dir en grey
AIM/MSN: lost femininity
Summary of your character: Toshiya has been the bassist of Dir en grey since the making of their band. He is closest to Kyo, the vocalist, and Kaoru the lead guitarist. Currently, they are touring in Europe after a long tour in America. Everything seems to be going well in the group. But, what drama is really going on inside? Toshiya has been labeled the bitch of the group. The one with the attitude, the with the sex appeal aside from Kyo. He's known for encouraging the crowds, diving into them, pushing fans away from hin in airports. He is known as the feminine one, while the most feminine looking member of the band, Shinya, is the most masculine.

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Claim [24 Jan 2009|01:26am]

Name: Chris
JRocker & Band: Die, Dir en grey
AIM/MSN: Increase Final
Summary of your character: Die is an honest, sincere person. He's the most relaxed and easy-going member of Dir en grey. He's fun loving with a need to pick and tease his fellow bandmates. Die has a love of alcohol, cheese and his favorite jeans. He's a down to earth guy who just want to have fun playing the music he loves.
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Claim [24 Jan 2009|12:40am]

Name: Chris
JRocker & Band: Kaoru, Dir en grey
AIM/MSN: witheringmarrow
Summary of your character: Kaoru is cool, calm and collected. He's the infinite business man. To some, he may seem cold and calculating. He's a strong leader before a guitarist and before a friend. His emotions are always held back, reserved even to those closest to him. He's a mysterious man while being open in other ways. Japanese Zombie Hero summerizes Kaoru's personality perfectly. No matter what happens, even if he falls, Kaoru will keep going.
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[m0d] Muse Cuts [23 Jan 2009|01:44pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Please remove the following muses from your list:


Thank you!

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drop; [16 Jan 2009|11:37am]

I'm sorry, too much going on right now and I don't want to keep taking up space that someone else would like to have. Please feel free to contact me anytime~ ♥
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Hiatus [14 Jan 2009|02:42pm]

Hiatus on Ryuutarou, Tsukasa, Karyu, and Mally.
Family stuff. Be back in two weeks. If it takes longer
I'll post again.
Thanks. <3
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