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JRock Love


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A Non-AU JRock Role Play Community
Welcome to JRock Love [xjrock_lovex]! An real time jrock role playing community, where muses follow the schedules of their real jrocker and also take on some fictional and non-fictional relationships with other muses as well.

1. Claim a jrocker, but don't forget to check the claims list. (Other Asian entertainers are now accepted)
2. The maximum muse claim is 5 and only 2 muses in the same group/band.
3. You must have a seperate journal for your muse(s).
4. You must post at least once every month in your muse(s)' journal or on the community to show activity. It must be an actual post.
5. You must have a MSN and/or AIM screenname. You don't have to make a seperate on for your muse.
6. If you're going on hiatus, please make a post on the community on how long you will be away.
7. You must wait at least a week before reclaiming/claiming a dropped or cut muse.

1. Godmodding during role play is not allowed.
2. Keep in character drama in character. Leave all out of character drama outside the game.
3. No flaming, spamming, or being rude to other role players. Respect is important.

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact you mod [nelly_d] at miyavi_x_miyabi382[at]hotmail[dot]com.