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Claim Aoi

Name: Jake/Rockhopper (SUCK IT BITCHES)
JRocker & Band: Aoi & the GazettE (DUH)
AIM/MSN: oBluePassiono
Summary of your character: Aoi's kind of a slut, a sweet slut. But a slut none the less. If someone can capture his affections he'll be their slut. He's kind and gentle, sweet and generous. He likes stripteases, giving them. He likes playing the guitar and piano. Aoi finds B Horror movies funny and he thinks people suck ass and need to die. He'd been with Uruha for a long time before he found the other had been cheating on him with none other than Reita. Even going so far as getting married to Reita behind Aoi's back. How will Aoi handle it all?
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